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EzySmashers is a comprehensive MMO Game containing important features including real-time action game play, user authentication, lobby management, room management, shop item management.

⚙️ Features:

Authoritative Server

A high-concurrency socket server and a http server written in java. These are powered by ezyplatform, which is our own solution to help developers quickly build powerful websites, games, and apps with no limits.

Admin dashboard

Effortlessly manage and oversee your MMO game with our intuitive admin dashboard. Monitor player activities, server performance, and make real-time adjustments to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Admin dashboardAuthentication

Ensure the security of your MMO with a robust authentication system. Safeguard player accounts and sensitive information, providing a secure foundation for your virtual world. Support quick play for easy access to the game, while maintaining stringent security measures to protect against unauthorized access and potential breaches

Login sceneRoom management

Efficiently organise and control game spaces with our comprehensive room management system. Supports creating, joining, and leaving gaming rooms to suit your game flow.

Room managementPlayer management

Take charge of your player base with our dynamic player management tools to track player statistics, manage accounts.

Player managementInteresting MMO game play

Our smashers game play is designed to demonstrate some of the most important features of an MMO game including client-side prediction and server reconciliation, entity interpolation, and lag compensation.

WebGL build support

Expand your game's accessibility with WebGL build support. Enable players to enjoy your MMO seamlessly through web browsers (including mobile web browsers), providing a convenient and inclusive gaming experience for a broader audience.

  • Theme
  • Web Plugin
  • Admin Plugin
  • Socket Application
  • Socket Plugin